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The SEAGULL is a genuine British structured production. It is exclusively designed to be a Marine engine rather than being picked up from an industry, modified and utilized as an engine of a Marine, as often happens.

Basic Characteristics of all models of a SEAGULL engine


  1. Tough durable structure with little space for wear and tear for years
  2. High functionality and less damageable tendency in spite of rough use and less care
  3. Gives continuous hours of working
  4. Simple operable features
  5. The engine's design is not at all complex
  6. A minimal cost required for maintenance and that also seldom needed
  7. The motor compromises of a single cylinder and is cooled with water
  8. Material used for its manufacture is also of ideal quality
These non-ending profitable and convenient features make the British SEAGULL engine highly adored and recommended by the possessors, technicians and mechanics who love to use and repair it quickly. Therefore, you do not need to spend a hefty sum for hiring a highly expert staff for its repair. But yes, make sure to hire a professional having sound knowledge of the SEAGULL's motor.


Process of manufacturing

Every SEAGULL model in the market goes through several cross check approval measures during its process of assembly. Every motor has to excellently pass all strict functionality exams at every stage of its construction.

Remarkable featured of SEAGULL that makes its owner feel privileged


  • No skilled or powerful hands are necessarily required to operate SEAGULL
  • It has a very handy motor, that is easily portable without its detachable fuel tanks
  • Fix brackets for the fuel tanks are also provided
  • If you desire to use big tanks of capacity 45, 60 and 75 with the SEAGULL, you do not need to purchase separate brackets as the Company has designed the support space for variable tank sizes to fit in gently yet strongly for safety
  • The propellers of the motor are multi-bladed to enhance the thrust of the SEAGULL. They are structured to enable the vehicle a rubbery or spring like drive. Such drive has the capability of shock absorb ability in case the bottom of the boat strikes against a hard object in the Sea.
The SEAGULL motor does not require lubrication with oil that is necessarily expensive. However, it should not be low in quality. Remember, it is strictly forbidden to use random fuel/oil mixing dispensers with the SEAGULL. The ratio of mixing oil and gasoline for this British engine should always remain same that is one part of oil and 10 parts of gasoline or three-four of a pint of oil and one gallon of gasoline.



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