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British Seagull Outboards

'The Best Outboard Motor For The World'

The Seagull Outboard was originally designed as a workboat engine for inshore fishermen and their wooden powerboats, and others who needed a simple, robust motor. After the war, small boat cruising exploded in popularity – and so did the Seagull.

In its heyday of the 1970s, British Seagull was selling over 80,000 motors a year – small, affordable, bullet-proof outboards barely changed since before the war, for pushing the tender, dinghy or the pocket cruiser along at a few knots when the wind dropped. The company even had its own foundries for the production of components.

When the motor is not operating, the skeg acts as a rudder to direct the boat. Another thing I really like about seagull outboard motors is actually that they can quite easily be repaired or perhaps stored due to their portability. Another cool ability of the Seagull outboard engine is actually that it can tilt up while running through shallow waters letting you to evade rocks or the build up of seaweeds. Being able to tilt up the outboard motor is also helpful whenever relocating a boat using a trailer.


The Seagull Outboard, like anything, has a limited life but for many thousands hiding in attics, lofts and sheds, the autumn of their lives will begin many years from now when someone digs them out, pulls the cord once… twice… and they will whirr back into life. When the powers that be ban the manufacture of all two-stroke engines, the Seagulls will be waiting. And long may they live.